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What is fill power/ loft?

What is fill power/ loft?

Fill power is a measurement of the amount of space (in cubic inches) that 1 ounce of down will occupy. The measurement is commonly referred to as “loft” and it is a scientific reflection of down quality and fluffiness. Typically ranged between 500 loft and 1,000 loft, the higher the number, the better the down and the more warmth it will provide.  

High fill power is attributed to larger down clusters. As discussed in the “Down vs Feather” section, since goose down clusters are generally larger and loftier, high fill power down (usually >750 loft) tends to be goose down. The down products we offer range from 600 loft to 800 loft and the goose down products range from 600 loft to 950 loft. 

The photos below show the fluffy quality of our down at various fill power grades. The down in each cylinder weights equally at 1 ounce, the volume of the high loft down demonstrates the superior compressibility and insulating property.  

Is the higher fill power the better? 

High loft reflects the down’s high quality and high warmth-to-weight ratio. However, that does not mean it is always the best choice for everyone. We will make recommendations based on customers’ specific needs.  

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