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What is the percentage of down in the down products?

Our down duvets and pillows, unless specifically indicated to be feather-added products, are filled with genuine down material, without the addition of other fill materials such as feathers or microfiber. It is important to note that we cannot claim to use 100% down, due to the presence of down filaments and small feathers, which are too small to be separated during the down sorting process. In fact, for the same reason, no one in the industry is allowed to state that a product is “All Down,” “Pure Down,” “100% Down,” or anything else of the sort.  

For quality control and assurance, we mandate our down duvet/pillow manufacturer to test every batch of the down by IDFL, an internationally recognized certified laboratory. The down would typically consist of between 75% and 92% down clusters (the higher the fill power, the higher the cluster percentage), with the remaining material being loose fluffy filaments or soft, tiny feathers. These tiny feathers are different from the large feathers that are used in feather duvets or pillows. 

Therefore, while we do not use the term “100% down”, the fill material in our duvets and pillows is as close to pure down as anyone can practically acquire on the market. Our commitment to product transparency and quality is the reason why we stand firmly behind our products for their warmth, softness and lightness.  

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