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Is the duvet shell rustling and wrinkly?

Our duvet shells are made with 100% cotton, which are soft to the touch and not prone to produce rustling noise. That said, the perception of noise can be very personal. If you are sensitive to fabric noise, we would recommend that you choose a higher thread count/ softer duvet cover. For instance, woven with very fine yarns (100s x 100s), choosing the ultra-soft 500TC fabric is the best bet to ensuring a quiet and comfortable sleep. For more information about various fabric selections, please refer to the “Thread Count” page in the “Resource Content” section. 

Cotton duvet shells will wrinkle under normal use. The wrinkles do not affect the functionality or the durability of the duvet. We recommend the use of a duvet cover, which not only protects the duvet and enhances its longevity, but also addresses any concerns regarding the appearance of wrinkles. 

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