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Key Considerations for down duvet/ pillow selections

Down Duvets 

High loft down has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio, so it can achieve the same degree of warmth with a lower fill weight (i.e. a lighter duvet).   

Given the appropriate fill weight, all-natural down offers excellent warmth regardless of fill power, while providing a breathable and comfortable sleeping experience. 

Example duvet selection recommendations: 

User A likes to be extra warm when sleeping and prefers a light-weight duvet. In this case, we would recommend the winter fill of our cloud-like high loft down, such as our 850 loft Hungarian or 950 loft Polish White Goose Down. We could couple this with a lighter duvet shell, e.g. 289TC or 500TC, to keep the duvet as light as possible. 

User B also likes to be extra warm but prefers to feel a bit more substance and weight. In this case, we would recommend the winter fill of our slightly denser 600 to 700 loft white goose down or duck down. We could couple this with a heavier duvet shell, e.g. 233TC or 700TC, to add a bit more weight to the overall duvet. 

If you are new to the down world, explore your best down duvet option by taking our Down Duvet Quiz.

Down Pillows 

Down pillows are known for the cloud-like plushness – that “sink-in” feeling when you rest your head on the pillow. That said, the firmness and stiffness of down pillows will not be comparable with that of feather pillows or memory foam pillows.  

Selecting a suitable down pillow will be based on the level of support and firmness that is required, which is often related to the sleeping posture as well. Here are a few general rules of thumb to finding luxurious, airy yet supportive comfort. 

Soft Fill: Lighter and flatter – ideal for stomach sleepers or those who prefer a lower support level from pillows. 

Medium Fill: Denser and more supportive – ideal for back sleepers or side sleepers with narrower shoulders, who enjoys a bit more loft and fluffiness than Soft Fill. 

Firm Fill: Firm and supportive – ideal for side sleepers with broad shoulders or back sleepers preferring a high level of support. 

When comparing down pillows of different fill powers with the same fill weight, a higher loft pillow will be fuller and puffier, which accentuates the cloud-like, airy experience. 

If you are new to the down world, explore your best down pillow option by taking our Down Pillow Quiz.

What else should I know? 

We understand down duvet and pillow preference is highly personal. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions related to product selection. Don’t forget to enquire about our down product customization to suit your specific needs.

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