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How to Wash Pillows: Keep Your Bedding Fresh and Clean

Keeping your pillows clean is important for a healthy sleep environment. Here's a quick guide to washing different types of pillows, ensuring your bedding remains fresh and inviting.

Regular washing helps prevent allergies and extends the lifespan of your pillows, promoting better sleep, as pillows collect dust mites, sweat, and oils over time.

How Often to Wash Pillows
Wash your pillows every 3-6 months. If you have allergies or sweat a lot, wash them more frequently.

Down pillows require gentle care and Synthetic pillows are easier to wash.
Here's how to wash them:

  1. Spot clean for stains

  2. Use a mild detergent on a gentle cycle with warm water.

  3. Run an additional rinse cycle for an extra rinse: 

  4. Dry thoroughly on low heat with dryer balls for Synthetic Pillows, Tumble dry low for Down Pillows

Other Washing Tips

  • Balance the load: Wash two pillows at a time.

  • Low heat: Prevent damage by using low heat settings.

  • Inspect before washing: Check for tears or holes.

  • Use pillow protectors: Extend pillow life with extra protection.

Regularly washing your pillows is key to a healthy sleep environment. Wash pillowcases and sheets weekly and duvet covers or comforters every few months to keep your entire bedding set clean.  Follow these tips to keep your pillows and bedding fresh. For more care tips and premium pillow options, visit our Product Care page

Enjoy a restful and hygienic sleep every night with clean, fresh bedding! A perfect blend of function and fashion with our bedding products, all available in both the US and Canadian markets.