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Down vs Feather: What is the difference?

Down is the inner layer and a soft undercoating of ducks and geese. It is the nature’s gift as a premium insulating material for duvet and pillow filing. The features of down include:

  • Lightweight and fluffy Down is known to be lightweight and fluffy, thanks to its natural clusters structure with soft filaments. The lightness and high compressibility properties of down are what give your down product the fluffy and soft texture.
  • Warm and breathable Down is naturally an excellent insulator with extraordinary warmth-to-weight ratio, and it is breathable at the same time. Its unique cluster structures create pockets of trapped air to maintain warmth, while allowing excessive moisture to dissipate. As a result, down products are able to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture to keep you comfortable all year round.


Feather is the outer layer of ducks and geese that are larger and stiffer compared to down. Feathers are often used in pillows and cushions to provide additional support due to their firmness. The features of feather include:

  • Heavy and dense Feather’s two-dimensional construction consists of a hard quill shaft with fibres extending from each side. While feather provides a lower insulating power than down pound for pound, it makes up by offering a heavier and denser product, which many customers prefer.
  • Supportive and affordable Feather’s limited compression recovery property makes this natural material an excellent choice for a firmer and more hard-packed feel. Also, given the relative abundance of feathers, products filled with feathers are also more budget-friendly. 


Without knowing the details of down and feather product, it would be difficult to assess the product’s overall quality and value for money. Therefore, it's crucial to choose products from a trust-worthy producer who provide complete transparency regarding product specifications to ensure that the product meets your specific needs and preferences.


How about Down/Feather blend products?

Down/feather-blend products tend to combine the features from both materials, and are usually more budget friendly. For instance, our Down TouchTM pillow (add link) is an all-around pillow that is fluffy on the outside and firm on the inside, thanks to the feather-filled inner chamber surrounded by the down-filled outer chambers (top and bottom layers). Our other down/feather-blend product is the 10% down/90% feather duvet (add link), which consists of premium duck down and small feathers. This soft to the touch duvet combines the insulating quality of down with the density and weight of feathers.


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